• ATM cards that do not have the VISA logo are no longer to be used after December 31st. Please contact the credit union if you have not applied for the Visa Debit Card.
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  • VISA Balance Transfer Promotion
    Several members have received emails stating that their Credit Union Debit or Credit Card was blocked. The email asks the member to input information. This is a fraudulent email. We do not request you to respond to an email for a blocked card. DO NOT ENTER PERSONAL OR FINANCIAL INFORMATION IN RESPONSE TO ANY EMAIL MESSAGES
  • Special Pricing on GM Cars for Newport Site Credit Union Members
  • Visa Application
  • “Interested in joining the Board of Directors or Supervisory Committee of Newport Site Credit Union? Contact any board member for information”
  • Discount Movie Tickets
    The Credit Union now has discount Regal Movie tickets for sale. Please visit or call the credit union for purchase only $9
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    Rates effective November 18, 2014. All rates subject to change without notice.

as low as
1.99% APR
All cars & trucks 2014 & 2015

as low as
4.5% APR

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SMART is now up and running.
Check your account balances by dialing 992-1223 or 992-1224 or toll free (1-800-355-2422) from outside Delaware and use 1223 or 1224 as the ext.